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The NASCAR Pinty’s Series is the premier motorsports division in Canada, where capacity crowds enjoying hotly-contested racing fueling Canada’s tremendous support for the NASCAR brand. With events held at a variety of road courses and oval tracks across the country, it is truly Canada’s national series. In 2017, drivers made a trip to New Hampshire Motor Speedway, marking the first stop in the United States in series history.

BOWMANVILLE, ON - AUGUST 25: The Total Quartz 200 of the NASCAR Pinty's Series at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, ON. (Photo by Matthew Manor for NASCAR)

In 13 seasons, multiple drivers have made the leap to compete at the NASCAR national series level. The 2017 series champion, Alex Labbe, Marc-Antoine Camirand, J.R. Fitzpatrick, D.J. Kennington, Gary Klutt, Andrew Ranger, Scott Steckly, Alex Tagliani and Don Thomson Jr. are among a list of drivers who have competed in the NASCAR XFINITY Series. Kennington and Klutt have also competed in NASCAR’s top series, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Andrew Ranger, in his first year of stock-car competition, won the second race on the road course at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in 2007. He took over the lead in the point standings after that event and never relinquished it on his way to the first championship.

In December of 2015, NASCAR in Canada announced a new name and entitlement sponsor – one that’s familiar to race fans across the country. NASCAR and Pinty’s Foods Inc. announced a six-year series entitlement sponsorship agreement of NASCAR’s Canadian-based series that began on Jan. 1, 2016.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the original schedule was replaced by the Pinty's FanCave Challenge. A series of three double-headers, six races in total. The series returned to Sunset Speedway for the first time since 2016 and made its debut at Flamboro Speedway.

NASCAR announced in September 2006 the purchase of the CASCAR Super Series, the top stock-car racing series in Canada. At the same time, they announced a sponsorship agreement with Canadian Tire Corporation as the entitlement sponsor of the new series.

The series receives exceptional national broadcast coverage on TSN and RDS, providing both English and French-language race telecasts.


First Race: Cayuga International Speedway, Hamilton, Ontario, May 2007
First Race Winner: Don Thomson, Jr.
First Pole Winner: Peter Gibbons
First Champion: Andrew Ranger


First Woman to qualify for a race: Ashley Taws, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, August 2008
First Josten’s Rookie of the year: J.R. Fitzpatrick
First United States Race: New Hampshire Motor Speedway, September 2018
First Woman to lead a lap: Julia LandauerJukasa Motor Speedway, 2019

YEAR-BY-YEAR: NASCAR Pinty’s Series Results & Point Standings


Number of Series Races: 166 (As of March of 2021)

Most Career Starts:
D.J. Kennington …166
Jason Hathaway …143
Andrew Ranger... 133
Mark Dilley... 125
LP Dumoulin... 116
Scott Steckly …110

Most Career Wins:
Andrew Ranger …28
D.J. Kennington …21
Scott Steckly …19
Jason Hathaway... 14
Kevin Lacroix ...13

Most Races Won in a Single Season:
D.J. Kennington ...7 (2012)
Andrew Ranger ...6 (2009)
Alex Labbe ...5 (2017)
D.J. Kennington ...5 (2010)

Most Career Poles:
Andrew Ranger ...25
Scott Steckly ...17
J.R. Fitzpatrick ...16
D.J. Kennington ...14

Most Poles Won in a Season:
Don Thompson Jr. ...7 (2008)
D.J. Kennington ...5 (2010)
Andrew Ranger ...4 (2010)
J.R. Fitzpatrick ...4 (2012)
Kevin Lacroix ...4 (2017)

Most Consecutive Races Won:
D.J. Kennington ...5 (2012)
Scott Steckly ...3 (2013)
*Drivers have won two consecutive races 14 times*

Most Top Five Finishes in a Season:
D.J. Kennington… 11 (2012)
Alex Labbe… 11 (2017)
Andrew Ranger ...10 (2019)
Kevin Lacroix ...10 (2019)
*11 different times a driver recorded 9 top-five finishes in the same season*

Most Laps Led in a Season:
Scott Steckly… 1090 (2015)
D.J. Kennington… 796 (2010)
Kevin Lacroix… 789 (2018)

Highest Race Finish by a Female: 8th by two drivers — Erica Thiering (September 2014) & Isabelle Tremblay (June 2011)

Highest Points Finish by a Female: Isabelle Tremblay (12th in 2011)

Drivers To Win Both The Final Race & Title in Same Season:
D.J. Kennington (2012)
Scott Steckly (2013)

Youngest Josten's Rookie of the Year:
Cayden Lapcevich  16-years-old (2016)
Matthew Scannell — 17-years-old (2014)
Alex Guenette— 17-years-old (2013)

Oldest Josten's Rookie of the Year:
T.J. Rinomato - 50-years-old (2019)
*Ages used recorded at the final series event of that season*

Youngest Driver To Win A Race:
Cayden Lapcevich — 16 years, 8 months (Wyant Group Raceway, July 2016)
Cayden Lapcevich — 16 years, 9 months (Riverside International Speedway, August 2016)
Cayden Lapcevich — 16 years, 10 months (Autodrome St. Eustache, September 2016)
Raphael Lessard - 17 years, 11 months (Autodrome Chaudière, June 2019)

Smallest Margin in Championship Standings:
*2 — Scott Steckly over D.J. Kennington (2013)
*3 — L.P. Dumoulin over J.R. Fitzpatrick (2014)
*4 — Scott Steckly over Jason Hathaway (2015)
*Point standings based of a 43-1 scale*

Closest Finishes in Series History:
.012 seconds — Kerry Micks over Andrew Ranger — GP3R 2007
.015 seconds — D.J. Kennington over Don Thomson Jr. — Barrie 2010
.029 seconds — J.R. Fitzpatrick over Scott Steckly — Sun Valley 2007
.045 seconds — Peter Shepherd III over D.J. Kennington — Auto Clearing 2011
.048 seconds — Kevin Lacroix over Andrew Ranger — GP3R 2015 

Most Lead Changes in a Single Race:
17 — twice — (Barrie 2008 & Delaware 2009)
16 — six different times

Most Cautions in a Single Race:
18 — Cayuga International Speedway (2000)
14 — Barrie Speedway (2008)
13 — Three Occasions, Delaware Speedway (2010) - Kawartha Speedway (2011) - Barrie Speedway, (2013)

Worst Starting Position For A Winner:
18th — Scott Steckly — Wyant Group Raceway (2009)
16th — twice — Derek Lynch (Jukasa 2007) & Andrew Ranger (Circuit ICAR 2012)

Largest Number of Cars To Start A Race:
37 - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (2011)
36 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (2013)
34 - Montreal (2009) - Montreal (2010) - Montreal (2012)
33 - Montreal (2008) - Toronto (2011) - GP3R (2011) - GP3R (2014)

Number of Different Race Winners (Season): 8 — three times (2007, 2008, 2018)

Car Owners To Win More Than One Title:
Dave Jacombs (2007, 2009)
Scott Steckly (2008, 2011, 2013, 2015)
Doug Kennington (2010, 2012, 2019)
Mark-Andre Bergeron (2014, 2018)


Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - Bowmanville, ON

1-lap qualifying record: 108.006 mph, 81.962 seconds (Gary Klutt, May 2019)

Jukasa Motor Speedway - Hagersville, ON

1-lap qualifying record: 121.111 mph, 18.578 seconds (D.J. Kennington, September 2017)

Autodrome Chaudière - Vallée-Joncton, QC

1-lap qualifying record: 69.482 mph, 12.953 seconds (Alex Labbe, June 2016)

Sunset Speedway - Innisfil, ON

1-lap qualifying record: 81.891 mph, 14.639 seconds (Cayden Lapcevich, June 2016)

Exhibition Place - Toronto, ON

1-lap qualifying record: 83.221 mph, 75.918 seconds (Alex Tagliani, July 2019)

Edmonton International Raceway - Wetaskiwin, AB

1-lap qualifying record: 71.919 mph, 12.514 seconds (Alex Tagliani, July 2014)

Wyant Group Raceway - Saskatoon, SK

1-lap qualifying record: 82.020 mph, 14.616 seconds (Scott Steckly, July 2014)

Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières - Trois-Rivières, QC

1-lap qualifying record: 82.345 mph, 66.889 seconds (Kevin Lacroix, August 2016)

Ohsweken Speedway - Ohsweken, ON

*No lap record has been set for this track as of March 2021*

Circuit ICAR - Mirabel, QC

1-lap qualifying record: 49.943 mph, 49.304 seconds (Alex Tagliani, July 2017)