TORONTO, ON - JULY 12: LP Dumoulin, driver of the #47 WeatherTech Canada / Bellemare Dodge prepares for practice at the Pintyís Grand Prix of the NASCAR Pinty's Series at Toronto Honda Indy in Toronto, ON. (Photo by Matthew Manor for NASCAR)

Catching Up with: LP Dumoulin

Heading into 2019, LP Dumoulin was the reigning champion of the NASCAR Pinty’s Series. A fairytale victory found the driver of the No. 47 WeatherTech/Bellemare Dodge in his home town of Trois-Rivieres during the 50th edition of GP3R alongside his brother J.F. Dumoulin. With a shortened 2020 season ahead, what has LP done to stay active and ready to race during quarantine.


LP Dumoulin 2019 Race Results


All in all, you scored a total of two wins, eight top-fives and 11 top-tens and finished third in the points standings. That’s a pretty solid year, especially with that GP3R win. 

Ya, it was a great year. That WeatherTech/Bellemare car was good all year round. At the end of the season, we had to work a bit more on the oval program. We tried a couple things that didn’t go exactly the way we wanted but we tried stuff. We were capable of getting third place in the championship. Right after winning the 2018 championship, it wasn’t easy to come back and try to come and try to win back-to-back. Everybody knows it hasn’t happened in the Pinty’s Series yet. but we will be aiming for that in the future.

We had a good winter. We were ready in March but because of the situation with COVID-19, we had to slow down everything in the shop. We knew some racing was going to happen, and WeatherTech and Bellemare were helping me a lot to deal with the situation and be ready for those races.


When we caught up with you in April you were quarantined at home with your wife and two sons and were taking on many different roles like Batman, Superman and even Spiderman. How was it, getting to spend so much extra time at home with them and how did you keep them busy during the stay at home orders?

They keep us busy at times but we had a blast. We tried to turn it into positive stuff and we had a good time with the family. Usually, at that time of the year, we’re busy racing or prepping cars and being in the shop doing other work. So I was home with the kids and my wife all the time and we had a good time. We did a lot of outside stuff as well. It was cool but we’re ready now to get going.


What have you done to stay focused and ready to go racing during the prolonged offseason? At this point, we’d be getting ready for GP3R and right in the heartland heat of the season.

For us, it’s just different timing. My head is in the game since day one, I’m ready to go. I’ve been fairly lucky enough that 10-15 minutes from my place we have a go-kart track that’s one of the biggest dealers of Briel in America. It’s called PSL Karting. Everybody in the karting industry knows that business. They’re really nice to me, they’ve been giving me the opportunity to practice with very powerful karts. So I’ve been keeping the mental shape and physical shape because we know those machines are really demanding. I’m ready to go, we can’t wait.

We went testing once already with the oval car at Chaudiere and we’re planning on going back next week before we go to Sunset. Then after Sunset, we have more testing coming up.


Looking forward to the next month, we’ll be racing at Sunset next weekend, Flamboro for the first time and Jukasa. You’ve done well at Jukasa before in the past with a best finish of third in 2017 and finished fourth there last June. You’ve also raced at Sunset both times we’ve been there as well. Finishes there maybe weren’t as great but there’s another 1/3 mile oval that you have won at before, Saskatoon. How do you feel going into an all oval season and how was the test at Chaudiere?

I’m really comfortable with that. My team, Robin McCluskey has been doing a lot of ovals his whole life and Beniot has been working really hard on both sides, the ovals and road courses. So I’m very confident about it and I’m very happy, we worked hard with Mike McCaul to get that car back to another level from last year. We found a lot of things on the geometry of the suspension and what we can do with the car now.

The test went well, we were running on old tires and didn’t want to push too hard because at that point, about a month ago, we didn’t know exactly which track we were going to be racing at so we were just testing a couple of things. But we’re happy with what the car can do now. Doing three ovals, I’m with, we’ve won on ovals, we’ve won on road courses.

I’m excited about the shorter racing as well. There’s gonna be no pit stops, it’s gonna be all out, let’s go for the win. There isn’t going to be a big championship at the end of it, yes you want to win as many as you can. If you get out of 2020 being the best team and the best driver, that’s what we’re aiming for. Hopefully, we can just learn out of this season and I’m just super happy that we’re going racing.


Which track do you think you’re going to do the best at though? Sunset, Flamboro or Juaksa?

I gotta redeem myself at Sunset. We didn’t get the results we wanted when we went there in 2015 and 2016. I think since those races, that we’ve learned some stuff. We learned that we have a little lack of forward bite but we’ve talked with a lot of people about it. And we’ve changed the cars a ton since those days, so for me, I think that Sunset could be a good track for us.

But then Flamboro, I don’t know. It should be fun, it should be totally fine but I’ve never been there and I heard that it’s gonna be a good show because it’s one of those tracks where it’s hard to pass, so you have to create the pass. We’ll do whatever we need to do to bring the car up-front. Other than trying to do my best there I have no expectations for Flamboro.

And Jukasa, we’ve had good results there in the past and I think what we’ve done over the winter will help us a lot at Jukasa, we have a fair amount of experience there. And I love that track, I wish I could go get that checkered flag there.