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Jf Lp Dumoulin Photos Gilles Joubert
JF and L.P. Dumoulin have kicked off their 2021 'Race Against Cancer' campaign.

Dumoulin Competition Kicks-Off 2021 ‘Race Against Cancer’ Campaign

Trois Rivieres, QC — Dumoulin Competition kicks off its sixth year of participation in our  “Race against cancer” initiative. A great number of individuals, companies and organizations have contributed to this campaign since 2016, helping the Quebec Cancer Foundation provide essential services to those affected by the terrible disease throughout the province. This year, we are adding a great new initiative to our Grand défoulement à ma façon program with a new partner and a new approach, A gin for a good cause, a concept developed by Jean Beauchesne with the support of Distillerie du Quai.

Our objective is to combine all our efforts and continue to provide tangible assistance to cancer victims and to those who help care for them and their families in our region, especially during the crisis we are all living through.  

Jean Beauchesne, a well-known communicator, was diagnosed last June with Stage 4 colon cancer and liver metastases.  He is well aware of the breadth of services offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation and can attest to how important they have been to his physical and mental well-being. Last December, he created a disco playlist aimed at people dealing with this disease, in order to bring some joie de vivre into their daily lives. 

“I am proud to join Dumoulin Competition and their “Race Against Cancer” program. As a victim of the disease, this combination of racing with my passion for music and gin has brought back some fond memories of my younger days as a DJ and record store owner. I am sure that this creative initiative will deliver winning results for the Quebec Cancer  Foundation,” explains Jean Beauchesne. 

Distillerie du Quai was born from an idea to produce high-quality gin in a setting with a musical background. The flagship product, “SUPERSONIC”, a London Dry Gin, is distilled to the sound of an exclusive playlist looping throughout the production process to produce a limited batch of A gin for the cause.  

“Distillerie du Quai is proud to support the Quebec Cancer Foundation. This cause touches many people from near and far and is dear to our hearts. We want to do our part, by supporting them, as well as joining our good friend Jean Beauchesne in his fight,” said Jean-Francois Rheault. 

Available today at the Distillerie du Quai, each bottle of  SUPERSONIC gin sold will generate a $1 contribution to the Dumoulin Competition “Race Against Cancer” program.  A QR code on the bottle will also allow you to download Jean Beauchesne’s playlist as well as make an additional donation to the cause.

After five years of collaboration with the Quebec Cancer Foundation, we all know how committed Dumoulin  Competition principals, Jean-Francois and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, are to help provide tangible help to all the victims of cancer. 

“We really appreciate the generosity and the real involvement of everyone in this cause that is so important to us. The abnormal situation that we have all lived through this past year clearly affects everyone and we are very much aware of those who are isolated and unsure about being able to follow their treatment sessions. Working together, we can ensure that our “Race Against Cancer” will help all of them through this difficult period for everyone. We are grateful to Jean  Beauchesne, Jean-Francois Rheault and the Distillerie du Quai for their very original contribution to our initiative. The  Race against cancer will continue to raise funds for the common good. We’re not giving up!” according to Jean-Francois and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin. 

“The Quebec Cancer Foundation is the only organization in Quebec that helps all Quebecers facing the consequences of cancer, regardless of the type or stage, their history or their age. This is why its services must continue, especially through the continued commitment of the people of the Mauricie region. When I see the unfailing commitment of people like  Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, as well as Jean Beauchesne and Jean-Francois Rheault, I know that the  Foundation can count on exceptional allies so that it can continue to listen, to better understand and support our Mauricie people affected by cancer at all stages of the disease,” says Luce Girard, Director of the “Centre régional et Hôtellerie de la Mauricie” of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.